Teacher grade book 'PCuaderno'.

This computer application performs the functions of a teacher's notebook. Helping the classroom teacher who teaches classes to manage the process of teaching and learning. This notebook teacher, does not need installation you only need to have a Java virtual machine installed, is open code and free

This teacher grade book to access the data must be authenticated with a username and a password that will be defined the first time you enter. The data is encrypted with the user password and these will be stored in the same folder where the program is run. The idea is to bring the application on a USB stick and can work on any computer you plug any operating system.
The teacher grade book focuses on the management of: The requirements to use this teacher grade book are: It is recommended for acceptable performance: This application teacher grade book began development in June 2012 as a project end a university degree in Computer Engineering. He has undergone several corrections and improvements in the different versions that have been made.

Version 0.2: (28-Dec-2012)

Version 0.3: (22-Jan-2013)

Version 0.4: (18-Sep-2013)

Version 0.5: (21-Feb-2014)

Version 0.6: Future

This application teacher grade book is under license "European Union Public Licence" and manual license "Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License V3.0". The application uses SWT GUI libraries, and library management HSQLDB database.

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